Task 6.1 Dissemination activities (FEM, M1-M36)


Food Safety and Control International Symposium in Vienna

This week the members of FEM actively participated in the Food Safety and Control International Symposium organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), representing Promedlife project.

The 2024 International Symposium on Food Safety and Control is taking place, at the IAEA headquarters, in Vienna from 27 to 31 May, uniting efforts to protect food supply chains and strengthen defences against threats to food security and trade. The symposium has bring together nearly 500 participants from 112 countries from all over the world.



#SWITCHtoHEALTHY is working to increase synergies and cooperation with other projects working on similar topics.

Simona Mincione (ENCO Engineering and Consulting srl) has engaged in a fruitful online meeting to build synergies with the coordinators of #PROMEDLIFEMEDIET4ALLProxIMed. Collaborating and building synergies with other projects focused on similar themes can lead to more effective and impactful outcomes!

December 2023

Presentation of the project at the ENSA-enterprise forum

Presentation of the PRIMA projets LAB4 SUPPLY and PromedLIFE at the ENSA-entreprise forum organized at National School of Applied Sciences of Beni Mellal ( ENSA BM), Sultan Moulay Slimane University (USMS).

Nadia Houmy YOUNES NOUTFIA Hassan OUABOUCH Zein Kallas Calot Olfa Boughamoura

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (Maroc)
CIHEAM Montpellier


PROmedLIFE project presented at 11th scientific day of the Tunisian Association of Nutritional Sciences

The main themes were:
• Artificial intelligence and nutrition
• Mediterranean diet /PROMEDLIFE
• Obesity, immunity and inflammation



PROmedLIFE participates to the 2023 PRIMA Project Day in Sitges, Spain

The event brings together the coordinators of all the projects financed by PRIMA Program
Six dynamic PRIMA ongoing projects – MEDIET4ALL (2022), PROmedLIFE Tunisia (2021), Delicious PRIMA Project (2021), SWITCHtoHEALTHY (2021), ProxIMed (2022), and InnoSol4med DOMCA (2022) – came together to create potential synergistic pathways and work together to promote a Sustainable-Active-Healthy MEDdiet-lifestyle! 🍏🏋️‍♀️.
🌱💡 The visionary coordinators (Achraf Ammar, Luana Bontempo, Juancho Pons, Simona Mincione, Özlem Özmutlu, Vida Šimat) are eager to remotely convene in early January 2024. Their goal? To discuss the implementation of exciting synergetic measures and explore connections with the remarkable StopMedWaste/FoodWaStop COST project led by Gianfranco Romanazzi. 🔄🌍

November 2023

PROmedLIFE Project presented to hight school students

The researchers of the Promedlife presented to the steudents the activities of the project in which they will take part this year and which will be concentrated in the first months of 2024.
The students will have the opportunity to express their preferences for healthy snacks based on Mediterranean diet ingredients developed by the project partners.
🍎 They will also have the opportunity to follow ad hoc nutritional and sensory educational programs and will receive one of these snacks as a mid-morning snack for a month.


Sensory testing session of the snacks developed as part of the PRIMA Promedlife project in San Michele all’Adige

Starting from the study of the factors influencing consumers’ choices regarding a healthy lifestyle and the development of a program of nutritional education actions for teenagers and their families, Promedlife will try to create a new awareness of the importance of healthy eating.

The project involves the production of innovative healthy snacks intended for high school students and made from ingredients with high nutritional value, representative of the partner Countries (located in the Mediterranean area), such as saffron, argan, almonds, dates, tomatoes, peppers, and many others.

The test results will help further refine the products and select the most promising ones in meeting the tastes of our teenagers.


2nd Focus Group “on consumers’ eating habits and attitudes”

The event was organized by INRA Morocco in Beni Mellal city with a very interactive and engaged participants.


Tunisian Association of Nutritional Sciences took part in the “Balanced diet and Mediterranean diet” nutrition workshop at the French Institute in Tunis

ATSN speakers (Pr Henda Jamoussi and other participants) presented the Promedlife project, its objectives and the implementation of the promotion of the Mediterranean diet and its benefits for human health.

07/06/2023 – 11/06/2023

2nd Focus Group “on consumers’ eating habits and attitudes”

3 Oral communications at 6th edition of the International Conference on Materials , Environmental Science, ICMES- 2023, Saïdia – Morocco

“Elfazazi K. el al., Application of Carob pods (Ceratonia siliqua L) as a functional ingredient in cake formulation: Towards novel food products for a sustainable and healthy diet”

“Noutfia Y. et al., «Quality characteristics and viscosity profile of yogurt made from goat milk and fortified with date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruits”

“Houmy N., et al.;Valorization of pressed almond oil’s cake for the preparation of naturally lactose free beverage for lactose intolerant people”


1st Focus Group “on consumers’ eating habits and attitudes”

The event was held at INRA Morocco in the eastern region of Morocco with nice, reactive and engaged participants.


Presentation of the Promedlife Project

by Pr Jamoussi Henda (President of the ATSN) to the Administrative Council of the National Nutrition Institute (Tunisia) during the presentation of its research activities


First Annual Meeting

at the City of Science in Tunis

An innovative project involving Mediterranean area Countries, Promedlife aims at restoring and strengthening the link between eating habits and the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

To achieve the goals, the project moves along four axes of intervention:
🙂 the study of the socio-economic and cultural aspects that influence food choices
🎓 the development of food education initiatives targeted to youngers and their families
🥖 the creation of snacks based on premium traditional Mediterranean ingredients such as saffron, dates, argan oil, selected vegetables
🔖 the development of specific labeling for food


The Foodshift Pathways kick-off meeting

Athens-Bari exchange meeting in the context of FoodSHIFT2030 Project, in which CIHEAM Bari has been informed about the project


The Foodshift Pathways kick-off meeting

It took place in the premises of Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, where the project was communicated to the partners by EA.


Online Discussion with Sustainable Gastro contact on “Walk the School Food” project where the project was communicated

3/07/2022 – 8/07/2022

the Summer School 2022 “Schools as sites for food system transformation”

5 days teachers training Summer School that took place in Marathon, Greece
10 teachers from Greece, as well as collaborating educators from all over Europe, total number of participants ~50


Kick-off meeting

San Michele all’Adige (Italy)

Lifestyles and the Mediterranean #diet are the focus of discussion during the first annual meeting of the international Promedlife project coordinated by FEM and developed by 12 partners in 5 Countries of the #Mediterranean area.

Aim of the project is to identify innovative solutions to develop #novel food products for the promotion of mediterranean #lifestyle and #healty diet.